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17 Sep 08, Bethesda, MD

My first day was very successful! The 52.5 miles from home to my sister's in Bethesda was no harder than it has been in the past, and this was probably the heaviest bike (with gear) I've ever ridden. The weather was beautiful and there were lots of people out biking. One guy saw my loaded bike & yelled after me, "Business? Travel?" I yelled back, "San Diego" before he was too far behind me. But a block later, he caught up with me--having turned around to chase me. He asked if I was going to or coming from San Diego. "Going to--that's the plan," I replied. Then I added, "I left Baltimore today."

I was trying to make a light, but I should've stopped to talk to him. Those are the people I'd like to meet on this trip, and I was in no rush. I got to my sister's before she got home from work, so I wouldn't have lost anything by hanging back to chat.

On the canal & GAP in the coming days I should run into a lot of people--I'm going to make a point of not being too rushed--or not being rushed at all, for that matter.

Other notes:
  Food priorities:
    more calories
    more carbs
    more protein
    more fruits & veggies

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