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13 Oct 2008, Carrsville, KY

No entry yesterday because I took a rest day in Henderson, KY (Downtown Diner—great pancakes). It was kinda weird, because there were some time during the day that I felt I had nothing to do. It's not that bike touring is typically rushed or hectic, it's just that there's always something worth doing—if it's light out, I can be riding, and otherwise I can be sleeping (so I can get riding first thing in the AM). So farting around Henderson just made me feel uneasy, in a kind of lethargic way. Then today, as I started out again, it felt weird to be riding again. I just wasn't as comfortable. It also didn't hep that despite riding on flat ground all morning I was going slowly b/c of high winds which were more to my side, but headwinds nonetheless.

I had lunch at Pizza Hut because it was the only restaurant open in the little town I stopped in (Sturgis, KY). That didn't help b/c I find Pizza Hut fakey even by chain fast food standards. I called my mom, and she even said I sounded tired.

After lunch things picked up, though. I hit some hills which both blocked the wind and gave me a feeling of accomplishment for my efforts (when riding into a headwind you don't get to look forward to a downhill cruise like you do on a hill).

Running low on water, and worried about being in the middle of nowhere, I asked some folks if I could fill up from their spigot. They invited me into the kitchen (stepping over their two daughters' dolls and toys—and the daughters themselves) so I could fill up at their sink.

I was again worried about finding a camping spot as I rode into Carrsville, KY. I rode past their new community center, and was eyeing the large back yard & pavilion. I asked some folks about camping there, and they redirected me to another man who was busy power washing his house. Before I could get my whole sentence out he offered to let me camp behind the community center. He also offered to let me use the restroom in the building.

As I was setting up, another guy rolled up in his truck, and started showing me how to turn the lights and fans in the pavilion on and off. One of them remarked to the other, "Hey, we've got a tourist!" or something just the same.

To top it off, I was fed dinner—spaghetti with meat sauce & buttered bread with sweet tea. Then, as I was writing this entry, another man & his grandson came by. He offered me a bed, which I politely refused, and proceeded to sit at the picnic table & talk with me for probably 10 or 20 minutes. He kind of wandered through many subjects, times & locations in KY & IL, but was a very kind man & offered me breakfast if I came over in the morning.

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