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31 Oct 2008, Somerville Lake, TX

Happy Halloween!

I chatted w/ two friendly guys at Sam Houston N.F. as I left this morning—Steve & Bud if I recall correctly. They told me about another cyclist they'd run into around there who had hit a rough spot in his Alaska-to-Florida tour. he'd had lots of equipment stolen & bike troubles. Made me thankful I've been fortunate so far on both those fronts—and made me more careful about locking my bike today at lunch & at the library.

I'm camping on Somer villa Lake at an Army C.O.E. campground (Yegua Park). I tried an MRE for dinner—it was pretty bad, so I think I might leave the other two here as a gift to the next camper—Lord knows they won't go bad.

This looks like a pretty spot, but I rolled in right at dark, so I can't really tell. So far I'm just annoyed by all the little burrs that are sticking to my feet. Hopefully they're more visible in the AM, so I can avoid them. I also need to pluck them out of my tires, so I can hopefully avoid more flats.

Anyway, it's Bible time, then shower time, then bed time—under the stars (w/no rainfly) tonight.

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