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9 Nov 2008, Seminole Canyon State Park, Comstock, TX

Doing this quickly tonight—I'm tired. Went to Mass w/James. They had out-of-town guests introduce themselves & say where they're from. The priest added that I'd biked there & was on my way to S.D. (because I'd met him the previous night at the restaurant where we met up with James's friends—Del Rio doesn't have the biggest nightlife scene, I guess). The congregation gave me a round of applause. (Awkward.)

Slow/late start because of Mass, phone calls & forgetting my pen. I had some pretty awesome tailwinds all afternoon, though, so I was cruising pretty well. Of course, the wind makes my rainfly into a thunder machine, so I'm going without for now—we'll see if it rains.

Passed through an immigration checkpoint. The guard apparently wasn't too worried about me—he asked me if I was a US citizen, then just asked about the trip.

Camping in Seminole Canyon State Historical Park. No trees here, so I'm sleeping above the picnic table, hanging from the corners of the trellis over the table.

Oiled my pump & fixed a flat (once & for all?) tonight.

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