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11 Oct 2008, Henderson, KY

A few rules for a successful bike tour:
  Drink before you're thirsty
  Eat before you're hungry
  Stop riding before you sleep
  Don't stop riding until long after you're tired

Today was pleasant. I breakfasted with the XC team, then took off for Owensboro. The riding was Ohio-flat with an intermittent tailwind, so I got a lot of miles in.

After lunch I passed two riders who were going the other direction on the same route. Their names were Peter and Diana. We chatted briefly—mainly about our route plans & how few other touring cyclists we'd seen. I realized that the one thing we didn't discuss, which has been a part of virtually every other conversation I've had recently, was the question, "Why are you doing this?"

I guess if you know, you know.

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